Reasons why he doesn't text me back after we had a great first date?

I met him, he asked for my number and we started chatting. Everything went great, he used to take one hour or two between text and text but that was fine by me.

He asked me out, and I said yes. We went on a date and has a really fun night. We laughed a lot, conversation flowed like we had known eachother for ages. We kissed, I asked if he liked the date and said yes. Every once in a while he would make coments about 'the next time' we would see each other (as if we will have at least a second one.)

This was on a Friday night. Next to the building I live in there is a bar. I was once involved with a guy who works there, and by the time my date took me home the bar was still open, so he was outside smoking a cigarette before going back to work.

I really wanted to kiss my date but I got really nervous because of the other guy and I kind of pulled away in the middle of the kiss (I wasn't rude, y started kissing him more slowly until we werent kissing anymore) and when he asked if I wanted to go inside I said yes, but alone. We kissed goodnight, and I rushed inside the building.

Now the thing is we did talk again on Monday and he seemed to be fine (with me and everything in general) and suddenly, arround 9pm i answered him an audio he sent me and he hasn't responded ever since. He started a new job recently, so I figured out he might be really busy with that , but I saw he kept his social media including whatsapp active.

Im worried I might have sent the wrong signals when I stopped the kiss, and I dont want him to feel like I didn't like him or that I dont want to see him again. He has stated many times that he doesn't like wpp and that he normaly responds late, and I haventcontacted him because I dont want to come across as anoying.

Do you think he felt like I dont want anything with him because of how i stopped the kis? Or should I just chill because he will totally text me back in a few days? Is this normal to happen?

by the way, I only sent a response regarding what we had been talking that day, its not like I insisted. He has made very clear that he hates talking on Whatsapp, maybe it has something to do with that and the fact that he is really busy?

My head is making up all sorts of explanations for this!!!


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  • Try communicating once again

    • How would you feel if it was you in that situation?

      When should I try and comunicate again?

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    • I will tottaly text him if by the weekend he doesn't contact me or anything. I have recently uploded a story to my instagram and he saw it, so maybe im just getting upset over nothing.

      I guess time will say

    • Indeed, time will say.

What Girls Said 2

  • It is not your fault, and this is what most of us girls do, we give the fault to ourselves without even doing anything wrong, so what if you pushed him away? He could've just grabbed you and kiss you in front of everyone, because if a man really cares he does that.

    It has nothing to do with you or whoever was in that bar, i think you should give him a little space and observe this situation from far, wait for HIM to text you, and see what happens :) if he doesn't make a last try and tell him to meet you somewhere and then you can just talk to him and tell him that you don't like people who just POOF like this, that a KISS to you is something important it's not like you kiss everyday and everyone.

    Make sure he understands this and make sure he gives you a legit explanation.
    Good luck

    • I get really upset when someone suddenly stops talking to me and I think its because something I did wrong. He actually knows that, because I said it in the date, that i dont like people that just vanishes.

      I think I'll wait a few days and it he doenst text then I will, ask him if everything is ok and maybe explain what happened?

      Thanks for the answer!

    • I hope everything goes well, you should not tell them this, it makes you look insecure, just be natural and normal :) enjoy yourself.

      Good luck

    • I just hope he does want to see me again because I sure do!!1


  • you should text him and initiate second date


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