How do you end a casual relationship/friends with benefits situation maturely?

been seeing a guy as friends with benefits for the last month. i think im starting to like him, but in saying that i know that a relationship with him would never work because we're in very different stages of life. i also know that he doesn't really want a serious relationship.

how do i end things before they get more complicated?
id rather deal with the semi-inevitable hurt now, than actually develop feelings for it to go to shit later.


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  • I'd just invite him to a face to face talk about it somewhere, try make sure he doesn't get the wrong idea and then tell him. It might hit him hard if he likes the arraingment and thought it was working, but I certainly would appreciate getting such things told face to face, than via text message, for example.


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  • You can tell him that you no longer want to continue your situation. There is no need to explain anything else.


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