Should I tell this girl We went on a date?

So long story short... I hung out with this girl the other day and we chatted. She seemed to enjoy the conversation. We chat during the day. I'm the one who initiates the conversation. I tell her " have a good day" and she says " Thanks. You too" ,

When I ask her questions she opens up a lot.

She told me she gets nervous sometimes when she is out with someone that's why she was laughing a lot that day when I was with her.

She agreed to hanging out again after Valentine's Day.

Should I just let it roll along? And eventually pop the question? or do you think she likes me? And understands?


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  • just go with the flow. you dont have to tell her you are dating. Thats what y'all are doing now and everything is fine So dont overthink. Enjoy this

    • Yeah. I told her and she was understanding. She's very nice too! I got lucky here

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