If for a dinner date your girl or guy asked "what should I cook, what should I wear?" what would you answer?

For me: a nice pasta dish please...
Vanilla ice cream as dessert would be the cherry on the cake!
And to wear: a nice blouse, skirt, dark tigh highs. Other accessories as she likes :D
Love is in the air <3 <3


Most Helpful Girl

  • Cool: A pasta dish for sure like carbonara or something.

    To wear: A nice shirt and some jeans.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Cook: Alaskan Pollock, Green beans, Steamed Broccoli with cheese on it, and Baked Potatoes. Wear: A white floral dress, black flats, and have your hair breaded. Also no make up.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I'd say lets order chinese food and you and I wear nothing ;)

  • probably just order pizza and let him wear whatever he wants haha

    • Simple but nice Diana :D
      A big pizza for two and love is in the air <3

    • haha yeah :D or 2 different pizzas if he prefers another taste, but still the same idea haha :D

What Guys Said 1

  • Make her spaghetti and meatballs with a good meat sauce and garlic knots and a nice salad. If she likes wine you could have a glass of wine

    • Sounds great! Are you a good cook?

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    • Haha yeah all guys are good with the barbecue :D
      They've always told me that turning and seasoning is the trick and so far it's always worked out.

    • Yes 😀

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