How do I stop blaming myself?

I don’t have the best luck with women, i tend to find one talk to them for about a week (Doing everything 'right' in the sense of flirting and what not) and just when i’m about to ask them out them they just randomly stop talking to me for no apparent reason and without telling me why and i ALWAYS take it personally despite that most of the time it's nothing i've done (i'm not saying i'm a saint; i have made mistakes)


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  • You seem to be doing everything right, so I don't think it's you. It might be the women. There might be something going on with them? Who knows. But keep trying and I am sure someone won't stop talking to you lol

    Best of luck :)

    • Thank you, you're cute by the way

What Guys Said 2

  • Its not always ur fault bro. It maybe just u deserve better than them. Soon a right girl will come in ur life and will never leave u.

    • Thats the thing i know that it's not my fault my brain tells me so but my heart and my pessism side takes control and makes me believe it is

    • No, i understand it hurts when they leave u like this and ignore u yet u need to be strong and make a girl more clear about what u expect and don't expect from her. Also ask her what she expects from u

    • I do that anyway (find out what they are expecting) they norm answer with "i'll see where it goes"

  • Stop doing ANYthing "right."

    Whatever you've ever been TD is the correct behavior, do the opposite.

    Do not compliment, be very available, text first, return calls in a timely fashion, be pnuctual, buy gifts or flowers.

    Do flake, be late, be inconsiderate, openly check out other women, and if you can communicate nonverbally that you are comparing her to them and she is found wanting often, you're golden.

    Be a massive fucking prick.

    I used to be nice. Got a couple girls, got cheated on and dumped, got rejected and friend zones. Started doing what I suggested, and it's been easier than beating a box of puppies to death with a sack of kittens for me with women since then.

    • Doing that will only get me bimbos and girls who can't hold down a relatioship themselves, not teh girls i'm looking for

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