Need advice about boyfriend?

I need advice about my boyfriend he's in his 40s. And I'm 21. He's very nice and caring but he wants me to spend a whole month with him and he's willing to give my mom his number and address but he lives a couple of hours away and I don't know anybody in that town that he lives in. And I met him off a website and we been meeting for almost a year now. He always comes and stays with me at my house and he's always buying me gifts. But I don't know what to do about going with him for a whole month because I have this issues always over thinking things a lot because I always read stories and it gets me wondering about my boyfriend :( so should I go? Or keep meeting him more?


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  • If you feel safe which I would assume you would, I would go, it shouldn't be a massive step as you should already want to be with him most of the time. I can see that not knowing anyone can be worrisome however if you think you'd be happy and want to try something new then go for it, however listen to your gut.


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  • The youngest anyone should date is 1/2 their age + 7.

    Sorry but being 21 and dating with someone in their 40's is a huge age gap.


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