How do I get a girlfriend?

So the thing is, my parents want me to get a girlfriend because I just stay over my apartment and play video games, and watch anime. although I'm too shy to even talk to a girl! I don't know how, she doesn't have to be attractive I just start to go into this panic attack you could say.
and if I like the girl and wanna ask her out, it just won't happen, I keep on thinking that I'll be friend zoned. I'm not that bad looking, well at least thats what others say. Girls usually come up to me and say how handsome I am and stuff, but I still don't get any confidence when they say that. The worst part is that I live in Malaysia, and I'm from Brazil. The culture is so different, for example the way they date is so cold and dead. They don't kiss for all I know, been here for 2 years and never saw someone kiss! Well my point is how do I get a girlfriend? I'm 18 years old and fucking active, I go to the gym everyday, I work part time, I go to college, I draw on my free time, and even cook! I'm just tired of listening my parents tell me that I need a girlfriend.


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  • Ooh you cook lol, you're really gonna have to throw caution into the wind. If you see a girl you like talk to her get her name/number, the worst that can happen is her saying no. That is okay it happens to the best of us take it with pride and move on to the next. If you look good take confidence and use that. Only do that when you're ready though just bc your parents want you to get one doesn't mean you can rush it

    • Thank you, but is there a way in which I can assure she won't say no? I don't know I just don't like the idea of being friend zoned.

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    • Sure thing! thanks for the help.

    • Your welcome

  • use your college as a way to try and meet girls also, and pretty much you needa find confidence or at least try to act confident if you want to achieve anything so once you find or act that you should be fine!


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  • first stop anime shit. then everything will be okay

    • No can do bruh, I love drawing anime characters and writing mangas, been a hobby since childhood. So watching anime is a way to find new characters to draw.

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