Guys why do you use multiple dating accounts? How do you handle?

I have been dating someone since two months I met on tinder. We are not exclusive yet and i saw him on bumble and okcupid as well. I wonder how he handles all. According to okcupid he was knline last week probably sometime 4-5 days ago. I wonder how this is possible.

I had to delete Tinder to be able to use Bumble then OKCupid because it was overwhelming to talk to 15-20 people at once and date one almost every night to see if we get the vibe. Well i didn't have a second date with anyone rven though some wanted so there was no sex involved either, this is the longest date i have had about 10 times in two months and sex is involved. I just wonder how it is possible for guys to handle? Do you get very few messages or very few matches?


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  • It's not really that difficult.

    The ratio is pretty steep and in your favour. Like for every 15 texts you receive, we get 1 (or at least i do, speaking for me). So switching between even 4 apps leaves a lot of time to play Mekorama.

    • Do you get a lot of matches? Which app gives you the best match? Do you also get easier time to date people?

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    • Did you meet your current girlfriend on these apps?

    • Nah. Mine is my classmate from 9th grade and we got together about a month ago.

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  • I am on 3 different sites, I just sort of rotate between them.

    • Do you get a lof matches and talks and casual sex?

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    • I have been told numerous times I am either handsome or very attractive with the odd your hot.
      I completed high school only.

    • Okay thanks for answers

  • The same way you handle 2 or 3 cocks at once.

    • No need to be rude. i had to delete tinder to use bumble and delete bumble to use okcupid. I can't handle all at once so i was wondering. Take your filth away please.

    • That's the answer though.

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  • They think that by having more accounts, that will give them more chances to find people to date. I imagine that for guys online dating is even more difficult than it is for girls.