Should I tell him my feelings?

EVEN IF he's A BIT IMMATURE? I like this guy but by the way he acts, the things he say as a joke, and the way he always teases me shows that he's actually a bit immature. I want to tell him but I don't know how he will react or what he would do. I've seen some signs of his interest in me in the past month or so but his closest friend said he doesn't like anyone. Should I tell him how I feel?


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  • How old is he approximately? Maybe he just acts like a goof so his friends like him more but in reality he is a kind and loving and smart guy

    • No no no i know he's a very smart, funny and a person of good morals. But he's just very... childish if that makes sense. I can never be serious with him because he turns everyt6jing to a joke. he's 18 and im 19

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    • Yeah i can see that too... so should i tell him my feelings

    • Yes, but not when his friends are around. Single him out, and tell him in private after you isolated him from his friends for long enough (couple of hours)

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  • You should ask him out on a date. Don't necessarily tell him how you feel that early on, because most people freak out when others confess -I know for sure I do-.
    Try to have a cooler approach instead. Ask him out.

    • He's been giving various signs, and I feel like asking him out on a date is bolder than telling him my feelings. We've been talking for 2 months now

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