Should I ask him yes or no?

So i like or i don't know if i a have a crush at this point , a guy that seats next to me at class. We took a class together about 1-2 semesters ago but didn't got together till the end of the semester when it was study time , that we really needed to study so we got together me and his friends as a group. He is a talker, but now that is only the 2 of us in class not so much. I guess i don't really know him or was it cause of his friends maybe. , I've been debating on asking him out, but if i get turn down is just gonna be awkward the rest of the semester.

So should i wait till the end of the semester or should i do it anytime now?

if i do ask him, what are some starter phrases or questions?

Thanks in advance :)
Right now I've been struggling with the class, so I might withdraw it but still want to ask him out. If i ask him and then withdraw is gonna obvious, i have a feeling that is gonna be awkward when I ask him


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  • wow you are courageous women , as i know be sure he also like you before asking him out , make more conversations that that will make him want more of you. don't spill ypur beans first as i know someone boys they are like you are after me , not me. So make it to the level that you both don't have to need to be asked out and more thing if you are conscious about if will not make a move someone will! then believe me this fear will follow u in relation ship also

    • I like him, and I think his cute. I try making conversations but is short answers so it's pretty much a bit silence and straight to the lecture... I'm planning on asking him today lol

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  • Unless you actually know that you like him, then why would you ask him out?


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