How should I move things forward?

Okay so I woke up from my nap yesterday and she had texted me first and we had a long conversation almost all evening but I don't know how to move things forward. should I just straight up ask her to be my girlfriend or do I have to bring her on a date first? she already told me she thought I was attractive and she asked me questions about my birth chart (venus specifically). also Today I didn't text her because I was afraid she would think I'm clingy. is this good or bad (technically I can't because my phone bill needs to be payed and it goes off tonight


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  • she texted first. that means she's interested (obviously as she's made it obvious). not texting her today makes her think she did something wrong. all girls want is guys to text first and reply quickly. and if you can't let her know you're busy, not ignoring her, and that you'll reply to her when you can. hearing that makes girls feel a lot more secure, and lets them know you're still interested and not texting doesn't show you don't like them. also girls like when guys are a little busy because when you get to talk to them and spend time with them they're happy you set the time aside of your busy schedule to prioritize them. texting first isn't clingy, it reassures her. she made the first move, return it. also, take her on a date. dates shouldn't be something you feel like you have to do. take her out because you like her and you want to spend time with her, feeling like you have to makes it a chore and you won't enjoy it and she'll feel like you too pity on her.


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