How many dates did you go on before becoming official, exclusive? I'm sure it varies for everyone, for those who currently have a bf/gf?

And for those who have had their share of past relationships, how many dates did you go on before the relationship became official, before becoming boyfriend/girlfriend? And how does it typically happen? Does it happen when you kiss each-other for the first time or does it happen when someone (I'm sure it's usually the guy) says "do you want to be my boyfriend/girlfriend?"
I would have expected more answers than this


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  • My current boyfriend asked me to be exclusive after a couple weeks and after a couple months I asked him to be my boyfriend. We made out on the first date and slept together on the second. It's been over 3 years now and still going strong!

    • So after a couple of weeks, he asked you first but you declined first, then you returned the favor by asking him?

    • No, he asked to be exclusive so we dated only each other and stopped seeing anyone else. He was the only one I was sleeping with but I was still going on dates and talking to other people before that. So a couple months of dating exclusively but not bf/gf. I tend to reserve that only for serious relationships. I've dated people for months before and would never consider calling them my boyfriend. I know some people think that's odd but it's the way I work. I know people who consider any person they are dating exclusively their bf/gf but I'm simply not comfortable with that.

    • You think most people today sleep with each other before they become a couple? Before they become boyfriend/girlfriend? As in by the second or third date?

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  • We were exclusive since our first date really. Knew her some time before. After 5/6 dates we were together "offically" but that was mostly due parental permission (different culture) I asked her on the 5th, she declined due I should've asked her dad first. Been there done that, still going :)


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  • Me and my boyfriend got official after 2 months of dating :) basically when he introduced me to his family and i introduced him to mine...
    so 2 months :) and we're still together

    • So you and him were dating for 2 months, during those 2 months, you and him were not a couple yet? I'm just asking because me personally I haven't been on that many dates in my life

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    • How did you and him first meet each-other?

    • Oh thanks for MHO and sorry that I didn't really see you asked me another question, well basically we kinda knew each other but we never talked, until one day he just approached me in a bar I was sitting alone :) and it started all from there :)

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  • like you said, i'm sure it varies, but since i haven't dated much, i wish there were more answers

    • Yeah tell me about it

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