Am I getting played?

So I'm in an LDR, right? Basically...
Friday he sends me literally 24 short texts in a row about how much he truly loves me and misses me, because we hadn't seen each other much that week. Its midnight when this happens and he wants to me to stay up late with him because he'll be busy all day Saturday. I talk to him for a bit but I was busy and had to go.
So I knew I wasn't going to see him Saturday but it's been 5 days and I haven't heard a word from him? Am I getting ghosted?
I don't know why he'd play me... it's been 5 months and that's not just wasting my time but also his. What's the point of playing me?
  • He's playing you girly. If he cared that much he wouldn't ghost you lmao
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  • He's busy (bs excuse in my opinion but okie)
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  • He's sick dead or dying cuz if he loves you that much he'd be with you lol
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  • Other. Don't give up hope yet though. True love ftw
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What Guys Said 2

  • There's literally no way to tell what he's doing and no way to tell if he's lying to you about it. That's why long distance is such a bad idea.

  • Female played males just as much as males play females.

    • okayyyyyy?

      what's your point tho

What Girls Said 1

  • he is playing with you girl, if he really likes you he will do everything and anything just to see you PERIOD lol

    • EXACTLY. dang it i really liked this guy. guess i'm gonna be my own valentine this year

    • nothing wrong spending valentines with your self girl, i experienced that before i have a date with me, my self and i and i had fun sometimes its nice to have a me time

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