What signs and behaviour would you see if someone regretted rejecting you?

Just curious what experiences do you guys have regretting rejecting someone? like whats signs and behaviour patterns would see if the person regretted it?

I understand that someone may get caught off guard say no by default but regret it... like right away.

I am a guy asking this to women , but asking this question to both sexes.

Shed some light on your experiences and observations, anecdotes stories and such. I am asking this as I think Im experiencing this now from a girl that friend zoned me but its too early to tell for sure. I highly suspect it


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  • I would probably text him a lot and want to talk to him or ask to hang out and I would flirt with him

    • I can't see this happening here, but I do see this person act extra friendly to me and still look at me at least in person in the gym. I was 100% certain she was into me, but got cold feet. Do you have any stories about this in your own life?

    • would other behaviour would a girl display?

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