Guy i'm dating doesn't change his clothes?

I've been seeing this guy for a month. Went on 4 dates so far.
His car is messy and smells like a dead cat, and on our first date he was
wearing a brown sweater, fine!
2nd date he wore the same sweater but in blue, 3 & 4 date he was wearing the blue one again.

Does he not care about impressing me? He's clean though, not smelly! But i put sooo much
effort when we go out, why doesn't he do the same? he's 27


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  • Maybe he likes that sweater and thinks you like it? Maybe it's the best he has. Who knows but I think you need to focus on the person more than the clothes they wear.


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  • Guys generally don't own as many clothes as we do, just because he's wearing the same sweater doesn't mean he doesn't put effort into his appearance.
    If he was showing up in a holey, ripped t-shirt, sweatpants and was wearing only one shoe he wouldn't be putting in effort but this seems pretty minor.
    It's early days 😊 Get to know him, not his clothing

    • True! Thanks a lot :)

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  • Cuz mommy isn't dressing him anymore.
    Do you really want to date a moron?

  • Sounds like a typical Trump supporter to me

  • It's because he lives in his car.


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