How to get this girl to notice me?

Well there is this girl I speak to every once in a while, not much further than "Hello." Yeah I have gone a little further than that once or twice in the approx. 2 years that I have known her. I would like to ask her out, but just feel like there is a great chance of rejection. I notice there are a few guys she speaks easily to, but to me it is not what I would expect. I have no idea of what I should say, because I feel after this period in time I should know a lot about her. Well I never think of things really good to say other than what's going on in class, but that is old. I have know what she might say, because whenever I do talk to her I pretty much ask about that. In general I really don't know what to really ask people other than superficial questions. Then also the fact that I look at the fact that she never really comes up to me. If we are in the hallway she might say "Hi/What's up?" Other than that nothing really, other than a couple times we joked around. While a couple guys I have seen her approach. One last thing is I tend to try and get comfortable with the girl first, then try to start making moves but not sure if I should be going about it that way. Any advice is welcomed, Thanks in advance.


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  • Just try to make a conversation about something that happened. Ask her opinion on a topic. Don't make only small talk, that can get boring.


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