How do I become exclusive with my fwb?

So I have a friends with benefits with my ex but the thing is recently we have been not acting like friends and we both get annoyed when we are with other people. He hinted yesterday that he only wants to be with Me. I don't want to put a relationship label on it because I like how things are going so far and it's so much better now than it was when we were going out last year! But i do kind of fancy him and I think he does too but just too adamant to admit it, how can I turn friends with benefits into seeing each other or exclusivev


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  • You won't know until you ask. And if he says no, then you move on. I know, easier said then done. But whatever you decide, think about if it's the right decision for you. Join dating sites if you have to, to move on.

    • I can't really be bothered dating someone else. I'm 17 like I said.. I just either want this exclusive or nothing at all

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