Girls, how do you act around really hot guys you're into when you have a boyfriend?

Let's say you know a really cute funny guy from class but you have a boyfriend, and you're into him but you have a boyfriend, how will you act around him and what sorts of things would you do if you're interested?



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  • If i'm committed to someone I wouldn't even recognize someone else

    If it would be like this, I would probably ask myself what's wrong in my relationship.

    • What she said^^

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    • People, no matter who they are with, cannot control what they find attractive. Those two girls mysteriously lose all ability to find another man attractive when they are in a committed relationship. I CALL BS.

      If they were honest, they would say that every now and then they may find another guy attractive (it's human nature). But, due to being committed to their boyfriend, they ignore it, stay away and do not act on it.

    • I find people good looking but I'm not sexually attracted to them. I wouldn't act upon them being good looking because there wouldn't be any feelings to act upon. Most I'd want to do is be friends with them.

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  • They contemplate cheating, obviously.


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  • when I have a boyfriend I'm not into other guys and I don't change my behavior

    • When you were single?

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    • @mephistophelesss well if I let's say like them what should I do? Stay aside and hope for a miracle? nope

    • What if the guy was super hot, liked you and gave you attention that you really liked? And you were absolutely into him?

      What would be going through your mind?

  • Why would I want to be into someone else when I am in a relationship... that is slutty


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