How to make a first move?

So, let me explain the situation:
I've been loving someone for about 2 years now, but I don't know if the feeling is mutual. Plus, I am a shy and cowardy guy so, I just sent make a move.
My question is : is there a way to do make a move slowly? To know if the girl/boy/apache helicopter loves you or not? I just don't want her to reject me and just leave me alone. I would still have friends, but I would be heartbroken, I guess. Anyway, thanks in advance if you answer.


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  • Thing about girls is we are dying for you and would do everything you to know that we like u but we think you should make a first move so just be brave and do it


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  • Man, if you wann grow up and be a man, ask the girl out to know eachother better. Tell her she's an interesting person, but u would like to know if she's really that interesting. If she says no, fi d another girl.. I though getting rejected was bad, but it ain't. It just makes you want to be a better guy ! Good luck !

  • I've tried that before countless times and have nothing but a negative answer. Spend more time with her and when the moment feels right, let her know how you feel.

    • I had those moments sometimes, like at the cinema and such, but never had the guts to tell her anything. That's the problem.

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    • Because I'm afraid she just says no and just stop talking to me. I will try to give it a shot but.. Yeah. Not sure at all.

    • Give it a shot anyway. Better to do it now, and get it done rather than lose the chance and wonder what if.

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