Guys N Gals What do you look for in your Future Life Partner?

Its a pretty open question you can be as expressive as you want


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What Girls Said 1

  • Kind, caring, supportive, understanding, a bit taller than me, long hair, skinny, similar taste in music/shows/games


What Guys Said 1

  • I have my life partner. Going to reunite with her soon, after 24 years. I knew it then, know it now... but I was 16 then... wtf did I know about life? She has it all. Home skills, attitude, nurturing... I could never refuse her anything, she made sure I knew she was on top of everything, and she didn't even have to be... I just loved her ways. And she had all these qualities at 16!!! At still isn't married... wth is wrong with guys? Not me. She's mine now.

    • well friend i wish you and her all the happiness in life

    • Thanks brotha. Those were carefree times... now's the responsibility part. But I have butterflies now, just as then.

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