How do you start a friends with benefits situation and how do you expect the other person to treat you?

Should you all talk about what you expect from each other or not because you both are old enough to know, is it ok to buy each other gifts, how often do you talk to the other person? But if the other person says they are not experienced in relationship let along a situation like this shouldn't they talk about it?


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  • I've never been in that situation, but I would guess that sitting down and talking about it is very important at the beginning to get things started. I would think that gifts would be a no-no. That's for a normal relationship. The same thing for excessive communication such as phoning. If I were in that situation I would expect her to get word to me once or twice a week to come over and service her needs. I've heard that some people avoid kissing on the lips or laying in bed very long afterward to reduce the chances of attachment. Personally I think that would be missing out on half the enjoyment of it.


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  • don't know tbh


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  • It really depends on the two people... sometimes these things sort of happen (as in sex unexpectedly happens and the arrangement comes afterwards) other times one suggests it and a few rules are agreed about how it will work. Generally speaking you're like normal friends except you have sex.

  • I start by going strait to the point. No beating around the bush. If she's down - 1.) I never except gifts.
    2.) No sleeping over.
    3.) No talking about my personal life.
    4.) No food (maybe just some water)
    5.) Which is also number 1.) - No cuddling - just fucking


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