Why do short guys think they deserve a hot girl?

Why? Would you date a girl who is ugly or fat? No? Then why do you think it's not fair that hot girls don't like you?

  • They are delusional and think being short and being ugly are different things.
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  • They have a Short Man Syndrome and think they are the hottest.
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I don't mean short guys can't date a hot girl, but why do most of them think they are entitled to hot girls despite such a huge flaw as short stature?


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  • Some people just like to complain.


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  • Probably cause being fat is an option and life choice whereas height is genetic. Oh yeah, certain people have a genetic predisposition to be fat but often they have the choice of eating healthier, exercising, and changing their lifestyle to be healthier. Can't do that with height.

    Girls are short too. Does them being short alter their beauty? What if they are short and fat, essentially a hobbit? Do we still have to call her beautiful? No, and being short doesn't entitle you to shit just like being tall doesn't mean you aren't looking like Mister Ed.

    • You can do something to change your height actually.

    • Not really. Not without appearing as if compensating. Surgery doesn't count, most people don't have that kind of money.

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  • I'm guessing you get hotter women that Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao huh? (5'7, and 5'6 respectively).

    • LOL what, these guys are ugly. They can only get girls with their money but they won't be loved.

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    • That's not true love. You get girls by status, but they won't love you. They are only with you for money/privilege.

    • I remember the one time Floyd got into at a club with the rapper.. T. I I think. A pimp slap to his eardrum and the cuties walked off with... Floyd. Bad boys... attitude...$... in the U. S., all that talks more than anything else-for most. Black girls want a REAL man... not some gentrified pussy in skinny jeans who crosses his legs at bistros and squeals, shriveling up at the sight of a mouse... just because he's 6'1. If she can bitch slap him to tears... they ain't goin for it.

  • height doesn't really matter THAT much as long as ur between 5'9" and 6'1'' (taller is of course an advantage if everything else is good) in my opinion. Add 2 inches for the exceptionally tall countries like netherlands, germany etc and subtract 2" for ethnics. But this is just my opinion

  • This has nothing to do with height. Some people just like to whine.

  • Why do fat girls think they deserve a hot guy?

  • Lol nice troll


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