Already past third date, but he won't make a move on me, and now he wants to "let me know" for the next date? wtf?

So I've been dating this guy for about a month now - but on the third date he wouldn't make a move on me till he is 100% sure that I am the one. He has been hurt in previous relationships before and he tells me he really likes me and thinks I'm the coolest girl he has ever met, but he wants to be 100% sure before making any move on me now.

We talked about doing something together, and for some reason he is now saying "hmm cool, let's do it, will let you know". Before he would be always asking me when to meet up/when am I free, but since him telling me that he wants to be sure, it feels as if his "let you know" response was a "we will see, i want to see if there's something better out there before I settle with you".

Safe to assume that he just isn't interested in me at all? And that I should just move on?


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  • Why don't you make a move on him instead?

  • He isn't ready


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