How do I ''seduce'' him?

I have had the biggest crush on a guy these past months, and I tried to make him notice me. I tried to interact with him as much as possible and it would work positively, he'd pinch my cheeks, play with my hands, lean on me (he's a really tall dude and I am seriously short) so I thought he might a bit interested, but I guess I was getting my hopes up, he's avery skinship kind of guy and quite outgoing too.
I tried talking online, on whatsapp, found an excuse, we talked for a couple hours the first night, but he ended up excusing himself, I waited awhile, we'd have little to no interaction in school, so after a week I went to talk to him again, very casually, we talked for about an hour but he had to leave.
I waited for him to text me for almost a month, I was getting desperate, I striked up a discussion for the 3rd time, and he seemed quite distant, he told me he was in a hurry and I believed him, why would he lie to ME? I don't think he cares about wether he hurt me or not lol. anyways after that I was at a party, quite drunk, so I just sent him a text out of the blue, saying I am 'sorry for being sucha weirdo' which is a pretty cringy text to send... and he never responded. Haven't seen him since then, it's been a week and I am having a really hard time getting over him. do you think there's no chance at ALL of him ever getting interested in me? I might not be hot or beautiful, but I don't consider myself ugly (maybe he thinks I am) as for personnality he said he liked me numerous times ( i think he meant it in a platonic way) so I giess he enjoys my company... UGH


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  • pretty sure it's against site rules to give sexual advice to minors

  • lowkey probably doesn't like you


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