Girls, How do you ask a girl out at a bar?

I've never been to a bar before, but now I can drink. I'll be going to a bar tomorrow and I want to know how to approach a random girl I don't know and strike up a conversation with her and make her interested.
Is it enough for for a girl to be looking roughly in my direction to say hi? I've seen guys walk up to a bar table or a dining table at a bar to talk to a girl in the movies, but that might come off as threatening in real life. Also, do I just say "Hi, My name's X, what's yours?" or pretend to ask a question like "Excuse me, I'm new here. What's the best drink at this place?".
I've only talked to women I already know because we've been introduced by others or because we've been grouped together for some work and I'm worried about making a girl uncomfortable. I'm more worried about her being creeped out than I am about her not being interested in me. Once I manage to introduce myself, I'll probably be comfortable enough to continue the conversation from there, but I'd still like some advice on gaining her interest too.
Please help me.


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  • "Hi, I think you're beautiful. I am /insert your name what's yours?"


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