Girls, Should I ask him out? Or respect his wishes?

Long story short, I'm a single mom to two kids. I met an amazing man who seems perfect in every way. He is mature, caring, good looking, funny, etc.

I have tried flirting hard with him to let him know I am interested. But the thing is, I then started asking him about what he's looking for in a girl, relationship, etc. and at one point he said he isn't interested in dating women that have kids.

So what should I do? Should I just ask him out to his face? Flirt more with him and really let him know I'm interested? Or should I respect that he probably wouldn't want to date me anyway because I have two kids?


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  • I would let it go. I don't have any kids and would really rather not date someone who does so I get where he's coming from.

  • 1. respect his decision. if he like you, he'll not said it.
    2. find another guy. if it's happen to me, I'll find a father to my child, and makes sure he's a good husband for me. think about your child first, they need more attention during their long-life. you don't need to flirting to find a love. just do what for you like, love yourself and be yourself. if a guy interested in you, he loves your style, not your flirt.


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