Should I be suspicious of her erasing my I love you babe on her timeline?

I've been dating this girl for a month now, after a while we mutually revealed relationship statuses with our names. My name on hers doesn't matter to me or her as long as it says in a relationship. for a few days after an argument she hid her relationship status. I wasn't suspicious about that until she says her facebook is about her, lol. Then she post on my timeline she loves me, but when I posted the same thing on hers she immediately erased it, is it just me or should I be suspicious. Thers things other than facebook that concern me in this relationship such as only wanting to see me every other day or every couple days now. What ya think?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Definitely shady... it seems like she might be playing you or cheating... just be careful

    • thats what i think.. she thinks im just being insecure

    • Nah that's what she want you to think so you the one that feel bad

What Guys Said 1

  • Very sketchy.

    • see I knew I wasn't the only one who thought that way. I even had a talk with her today about it and she deleted her fb,, only for me to find out she opened back up her old fb account and blocked me from it, I saw it on my daughters account.. then when i confronted her about it, she goes and takes me off her instagram. I told her I was done and i was coming to get my stuff.. I told her if guys flirty comments that you wanna hide from me mean more than us then you can have them. She said I was gonna feel dumb for breaking up for nothing. I said no imma feel just fine cause I ain't stupid, i said you gonna feel dumb for lettin a guy walk away that cared for you so much.. halfway to her house I guess she realized what she has and changed her mind put me back on her instagram and told everyone she is in a relationship

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