How to be more affectionate?

My boyfriend is super affectionate but I don't know how to be which is rather strange since I'm a girl helpp


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  • Treat him the exact same way he treats you. Mirror his actions.


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  • I'm a Pisces I'm affectionate I usually only date women that are Scorpios we fall together perfectly. Back to your question to be more affectionate with a man is to not baby him but two hold him and feel his skin and kiss him and other places than his lips being sweet to him like a flower off the ground and give it to him, men receive far fewer compliments than women. Affection really has nothing to do with sex that really has something to do with it being next to him being proud of it and showing it to him. For example this morning it's 36 degrees here in Tampa Florida my girl and I like to drink coffee outside at 6 in the morning and this morning she came out and sat on top of me with her legs wrapped around me and kept me warm and I kept her while we just our big ball together with her blanket that she constantly hold onto wall in bed. And just holding on to each other we tell each other how much we love each other and we don't talk much but you just touch and feel one another and sipping coffee and exchange kisses

  • Physical contact is the best way to show affection.
    He's your boyfriend... you're allowed to touch him whenever and wherever you want.
    Does that shirt make his shoulders look super sexy? Touch them.
    Do those jeans make you want to grab his butt? Do it.
    Watching tv at night and you get a little sleepy? Nothing better than a man pillow right?

  • morning text/greeting is a good way
    there's hardly better heart melting stuff than a "ahoy <3" dropped at the perfect moment

    whenever you feel or have a doubt about the way he feels, try hard at making him talk, be honest, and if doesn't comes up, go straight to it and explain you feel him worry or preoccupied by something and you wanna help/share the weight with him

    overall, if he takes care of you like priceless... treat him the same way and take care of him

  • it just requires making an extra effort to be affectionate. make it a goal to tell him how you feel about him once a day, give him a hug or kiss at a certain point, etc

  • lots of physical contact, hand holding, leaning on him, rsting your head on his shoulder, really anything that involves touching him

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