Too weird for Senior girl to crush on Sophomore?

So here's the deal:
I am an 18 year old exchange student. I always see this guy in the library, and I find him attractive, but I've since found out he's a 16 year old Sophomore. We've never talked (I'm too shy!!), but he stares and I sometimes think he finds me attractive too.

Is it too weird for me to date a younger guy? He seems very nice from what I've heard and what I've seen. Also, how should I approach him? Would it be weird if I had one of my friends ask him out for me? I've heard that it's pretty common in the U. S. for that to happen.

I only have a little less than four months left, but I'd hate to go back to my country regretting not asking him... But kids in High School can be pretty mean and judgmental. Anyway... I'd really appreciate honest answers... (I'm freaking out here!).



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  • It's every teenage boy's dream to be asked out by the cute foreign exchange student. Go out there, and take what you want!


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  • no it's fine to like someone who is younger. I. know many stereo types say that the guy is older but it can be a girl that is older too. I do though think it would be a bit weird to have your friend ask him out for u for the fact that your 18 , but if it works then that's great


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  • Nothing wrong with that

  • Honey, if YOU go up and ask him, he'll likely lose his breath! So do it, you're fine.


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