Asian Coworker won't talk to me?

This bothers me more than it should...

I have a female coworker, and she won't engage in conversation with me...

All she says is Hi, nothing more...

She is Chinese and maybe that's why? ( I am Indian)... She will talk to whites, blacks, and other Chinese though...

And she seems really friendly with everyone except me...

Other Chinese at my work do this too, but I don't care, it's kinda their culture to do that...

But she's my age, I would never date a coworker but I want to be friends with her and get to know her better, she's really cute...

It just bothers me she is being so closed to me, I'm not sure if I did something, or someone started a rumor?

She's not shy :(


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  • She's probably just shy?
    I'm like this. I can talk to everyone easily at my work. But when it comes to my work crush I just avoid talking him as much as possible. I'm nervous and super shy around him.

    • :o omg I wish she had a crush on me...

      She is not shy, she doesn't seem to like me at all

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    • Ask her to hang out side of work

    • Omg I can't even talk to her

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  • She's probably just shy.


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  • What is your race in caste system?
    She may be only familiar with Aryan
    If not, she may feel no topic between you and her.

    • Caste has nothing to do with different races

    • ok, I was kidding. So maybe she is doing bussiness to arrange her future.
      Are blacks American black? white and American black are money, chinese are plan b.
      It is typical successful way nowadays but did not consider Indian in the dream, althought there are many successful indian even arabian. just causes the dream is like it.