Who pays?

OK so help

I'm not good at the dating field

i went on a date with this guy and he payed for the movies and all

but now he asked me out again and asked me to chose what we are going to do ( don't know that either) and I was wondering does the guy pay each time ?


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  • Every guy I've dated has insisted on paying when going out. Especially on the first few dates and if he's the one asking you out. You can offer to pay to be polite. Although in my opinion, if a guy asks you out and lets you pay on the second date, he doesn't seem to be a real gentleman.


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  • It's customary for the guy to pay (especially when he's the one asking you out). However, if you want there's certainly nothing wrong with offering to pay for something.

    • But does he pay on all dates ? :)

    • Usually yes. But like I said, if you want to offer to pay for something that is very polite and kind (but he should thank you and still pay).

  • Guy always pays in my dating world...

  • Etiquette seems to be in this spot:

    Guy offers to pay

    Girl offers to pay instead

    Guy insists and pays

    • Definately. Though I only pay if I really like her...otherwise we can go dutch 50/50

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  • The guy pays on all dates until the day you are in a relationship and maybe that doesn't make sense anymore. Beware of the guy who wants to go dutch. That is a guy who doesn't think you are the one (see 20Questions response below).

    I agree it can be very polite to offer to help pay and it also is a sh*t test in my opinion, because a guy who takes me up on my offer is either 1) a big cheapskate or 2) not that in to me.

  • It's a nice rule of thumb that the person who does that asking is the one that pays...So next time you should do that asking and planning and paying. But mostly the guys want to pay...Just as averagejoe said...you can offer to pay and he will insist on paying. I think, from what I understand, that the guys like that as well...But we need to treat, spoil and pamper them also. Have fun. CHeers!