Is he purposely ignoring me?

Like in terms of texting... Would a guy ignore you? Even after he hugs and says hi to me in public but does not text me back?
*after hooking up
*been hooking up for some time now... casually seeing each other I guess.

We are both in college and busy but he's made time to communicate with me before. You would think that this wouldn't bother me but I think he is trying to distance himself... but why would he do this? it's pushing me away


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  • You're just hooking up, he doesn't have to respond to every text or call or message, he uses you for sexual purposes, you're not his girlfriend, so when he wants to see you for that specific purpose, he'll contact you. Other than that, you shouldn't have any expectations because your arrangement is casual.


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  • yes he would ignore after all these things and looks like he is doing so

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