So with valentines day approaching and my confidence unwavering, there's a certain someone I want to make my feelings known to them. Being the socially awkward cutie I am, I need help. What do I do/say , and if I was to give a valentine wth do I even put in it? Anyways that's about it, please be nice bout' people no rudey tudies here folks.


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  • I think take it easy on the confession of feelings and casually express some subtle interest. In the worst case scenario if you get rejected, it won't feel so awkward and hurt quite as much as a grand gesture where you reveal that you had feelings for this guy all along.

    Just keep it light and casual, playful and humorous even. That's typically your best bet to avoid making it regrettable no matter what happens.

    • You could just say, "Happy Valentine's day (insert name). I got your some chocolates. Hope you like them."

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    • Say I was in school and I was your age and some girl got me a Valentine's with a little playful and light message (nothing heavy), but let's say I didn't quite think of her that way (yet). Well the gift would suddenly have me thinking of her and maybe we could start having out and I might even fall in love with her.

      Yet if she came on really heavy to me and I wasn't feeling that way about her (yet), I might be scared off a bit and I might never have the chance to really fall for her.

      Let's take another scenario where I did feel that way about her. In that case even the heavy move might work, but so will the lighter and easier move when I start to get some hint (although not 100% definite) that she might like me back.

      It's generally safer both ways to keep it light.

    • [...] have me thinking of her and maybe we could start having [/hanging] out and I might even fall in love with her.

  • uuuh just tell him you like him.


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