Why we worry about her past? Is it important?

I rejected a girl beause she had a lot of guys in her life before me,
Some people also said that she is engaged or something with a dude , what the fuck she is just 21 years old, i thought she is a mess.

But still, she kept giving me signs and i approached her , after that day she blew off all the guys from her life and focussed only on me but in my head, she was a slut so i kept on dating other women and when she found out, she also started seeing other dudes and calling exes and flirting with other guys.

Did i do right thing or did she showed her true colours?
  • You did the right thing, if she leaves someone for u , she will leave u too for someone, let her go.
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  • No, you did wrong , After u appraoached her, she blew off other guys. You should never judge someone by their past specially at such young age of 21.
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  • Other ( i want to raise my own comments)
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  • Dude.. you were a moron to let go of her by a mere thinking that she sleeps with others.. why did it matter u so much that she slept with others in past.. never judge a person by the parameter of virginity.. it's simply useless thinking..

    You may want to apologize her by at least satin sorry for what u did to her.. she started dating only after u ditched her.. no need to think bad about her.. u ruined it actually at first place.. go talk to her.. see if she forgives u.. God bless u

  • dude you have a shit mentality... people like you are the reason girls dont want sex in first date. Dont judge people


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