Why would someone freak out if they heard the person they have a huge crush on actually likes them back?

Something else?
  • Too excited, don’t know how to handle the feelings
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  • Don't know what to do next
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  • Just wanted to adore them, not go any further
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  • Don't feel you could ever be good enough for them
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  • Afraid you're going to screw it up and lose them
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  • Scared that if they truly knew you they wouldn't want to be with you
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Awww, I'm feeling so sorry for you guys answering "don't feel good enough" or "they wouldn't want me" :(

I just wanted to say: You are worth loving! ❤


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  • - All of the above

  • I actually flaked on the only guy that I ever loved, more than once because I freaked out, and I was afraid it will not work out

    • Oh! Really?
      So the flaking was due to the fact you didn't know how it could go beyond a crush? Was there red flags? Or you just didn't know what to do next?

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    • In a way it is cute. I think so too. But it's also devastating cause I have no trust that if I give in and let my feelings warm for him again, anything will change and soon I will once again be in this same situation, trying to cut contact all over again. Going through the same exact pain. And at the moment his half-ass attempts to pull me back are just hurting me and making me cry. I don't want to react, I don't want to think about him at all at the moment because it's painful. I feel bad about not reacting because I don't want him to feel bad, but I have to act the way I do because I need to take care of my well being first. I can not go through the same stuff all over again. If he really really wants me there he NEEDS to step up.

    • Yesss I agree with you. Just keep yourself busy, and you'll think less of him. If he ever STEPS UP, or if you meet someone awsome, let us know ! I'll be happy for you :) Good luck

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