He's in the military... long distance, could it work?

Okay so we have a serious connection. He's perfect and we really like each other. The problem is he's going off to the military in another country and I'm going to college... He will be gone for three years, he obviously comes home for holidays and things... but still. Three years is a hell of a long time and I'm worried it won't work. Do we have potential? I'm just scared.

Well we broke up... He didn't want to go without sex for all those months... Thank you guys anyway though.


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  • Long distance relationships will break weak relationships but make stable relationships even stronger.

    • Really? We've been dating for about half a year... The commitment is there, we want to try. I think we are both just scared.

    • The honest truth is I've seen many relationships break in your situation; however, there always a chance you two make it.

    • Thank you:)

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  • I honesty don't think it will work. Long-distance relationships are too challenging and too difficult to maintain.

    It's rare for the people who are together to have the right mindset for a LDR. Considering he's in the military that just lowers the odds even more that it will survive the distance. Most people need regular affection and sex with an SO. It's rare people can endure not being able to spend time in real life with someone they deeply care about


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  • it's not whether or not your relationship will work it's whether or not you both care enough about each other to make it work and understand that in the end you'll be together also he may be stationed there for 3 years but he won't be there for 3 years they will let him go home from time to time every 3 to 6 months or so


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  • Thousands of military couple survive everyday. Time till fly. Can you go to college where he's stationed?

  • It won't work with all that fear.