Can a relationship work out between someone highly ambitious and someone who is happy as they are?

I'm seeing a guy who I'm really attracted to physically, who makes me happy and is on the whole a great guy.

But we're completely different when it comes to life goals.

I'm just at the start of my career, and have big plans that will take years to and might sacrifices i. e moving, putting off kids marriage etc. He's a few years older, settled into a comfortable job, and has no plans to ever really advance. It's not just work either, this attitude extends to areas of life too.

In some ways his happy go lucky type B personality is comforting, and something I really like about him, but I'm not sure if I can see this as something that will work long term...

advice please?


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  • yes they will complete each other


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  • You said so yourself: "I'm not sure if I can see this as something that will work long term". If you're not sure, don't do it.

    • If we all lived with that attitude though we'd never do anything. When does anyone ever know if anything going to work out?

    • In relationships it's better to be sure or both people may get hurt later.

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