Does he like me?

I'm in love with my best friend brother.

Me and her brother is really complicated, there's a chance that he likes me and don't. On December 25th, i ask him as a dare, "Who do you like?" Him: "I don't know, but it's you". I can't answered it because i'm relationship at that time. A year after that i felt like left behind bc all of my friends are in relationship so i ask him to be my fake-boyfriend until i'm satisfied enough. We're doing it for like 4 months? But i broke up with him because i think that i'm keeping him from the girl that he likes. At that time we were honest to each other, he told me that he regret on not confessing to this girl and at that time i realized that it's my fault. But when i broke up with him, i heard it from my best friend that he's really sad. His response on my break-up text was: "I thought relationship should've ended on two sides not one."

It's been 3 years after that. He never had any girlfriend or in relationship ever since. I know it from his friends in his college. I used to wrote a rant and made it to public, and saw his friend left a lot of comment: "He regret breaking up with you." Also his sister told me that he's not into relationship anymore. But me, i used to date a guy but our relationship ended for like two months when i found out my boyfriend flirting with another girl.

We met again when i'm having a sleepover at my best friend house. When i tried to take a picture of him, he snach my phone away and ran towards his sister room (We're at the living room before that, his sister went out with her boyfriend so it's just us. His family went out). He tickled me and i tickled him back but for a moment he just stare at me and throw the phone away. It happened twice, the 1st time is when i try to put on make-up and i showed him do i look good? & he just stare at me and went out like a little pusi.

By the way, i rarely see him. I only goes to my friend house for like twice a year, and he's studying aboard so it's really rare.


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  • He might


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