Eye contact freeze?

So i went out with my crush just a random catch up for coffee which turned into a proper cozy dinner at a restaurant.. we spoke about relationships.. etc she mentioned she has a lot going on in her life for a relationship which I agreed with and I'm helping her out with that as friends.

she's starting to open up a lot and tell me things she's never said to anyone before (past, her friends, life.. etc.)


When i dropped she off she was taking her handbag from the back seat (looking at me) once she got it she stayed in the same position still looking at me... this is confusing me, what was that for? I'm pretty sure not a kiss since we're still friends and getting to know each other especially that she mentioned she can't handle having a boy friend now.


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  • Maybe she was expecting you to say something or mentally checking if she had everything she needed


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  • I read this title and I thought someone's contact froze to their eyes or something... im such an idiot sometimes


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