Women dont mind getting with an ex of their friend?

As a guy i never date or think about dating a girl my friend used to date, if it was only sex and he said she's easy and i can sleep with her then fine i have his permission and most guys act like i do, they rarely date a girl their friend used to date, its very uncommon for men.

Women though... it seems they jump on the guy once their friend is done with him, there doesn't seem to be any moral guidelines or anything stopping women from dating a friends ex, if you look around its kinda normal for girls to date a guy who used to date their friend.

So what iam asking is : am i right? and why?

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What Girls Said 2

  • I could never do that. I would never want to. My friends and I are into totally different kinds of guys anyways.

    • having a different type is cool but from what we can all see if two friends happen to have the same taste in men they will date the same guy without feeling its wrong at all.

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    • Yeah. As a woman, I'm incapable of noticing details.

    • lol no you can notice details but you probably dont pay attention to the same things men notice, some things men never notice about themselves but women see them doing it, like for example, when a hot chick passes by men are quick to turn their head, they think its not obvious but all women see them doing it.

  • Nope. No friends of ex's, no friend's ex's, No family ex's
    Too much drama for me


What Guys Said 1

  • Like 19 of 20 Women would rather fuck a fat guy they know and wondered about previously in some way sexually, than a male model stranger.

    Just how they are wired. The mesh in a typical female Amygdala sends arousal signals different (based on memory not visual cues), if you want the actual biological answer.

    Familiar dick she has thought about before, is gonna arouse her more than "well i'll just go fuck some random dude easy".

    So the ex on the market with his number, is equivalent of you or I saying "DAMN my buddy was dating Giselle Bundchen, now she's single cause he dumped her and I have her number and she was always looking at me and I know she will fuck me!!! (remember its a dude not a chick) AAHHHHHH!!!"

    • Are a million hot women, only one friend. To her that guy is most available frequent wondered about dick (important to her, unlike to us as men, all we want is hot looks) that's back on the market in a long time. To make the above less complicated.

    • lol can't deny that you explained it well if i may say, yes i've noticed that women usually put their eyes on the guy their friend is dating and if they like him even if a little bit they will almost always consider dating him if it doesn't work out with their friend, it happens in movies, series, real life and everywhere, men avoid ex gfs, women actually prefer exs

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