How can I tell if she's interested in me?

I don't have luck with women, I've been rejected everytime. I'm actually afraid to talk to a woman. I don't know what to do I can't get ever the fear.


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  • Here's some things I do when I like a guy. Hopefully, these will help you...
    1) She stares at you from across the room. When you catch her, she'll quickly look away or smile.
    2) She will want to follow you on social media.
    3) I tend to try to be around my crush as much as possible. So, notice if she sticks around more than others would.
    4) Shell talk to her friends about you. I personally don't do this but know a lot of girls that do.
    5) Finally, the most important thing to notice is if she acts differently around you than others. She might be more shy or outgoing, depending on the girl

    • can I ask you something

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    • Thanks so much for your help... Have a great night!

    • you too

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  • if she blinks twice jumps up and does the hokey pokey then you will know!

    • lol I wish that would happen

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    • I understand I just have to get out and meet some. I know I won't always get rejected it's just the thought what if good or bad. How do I know if she even wants to talk

    • I understand what you mean really like I agree 100% I just don't know if any are interested in me at all. I can't tell I lot could be interested but they are low key about it lol I'm clueless

  • You can tell if she is interested if she plays with her hair when talking to you. Also whilst seated she crosses her leg facing you she is interested.


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