Girl invited herself to come to my apartment, what does this mean?

It´s not in the evening time, but in the morning. I thought it might be important.

I´m seeing this girl over the last 2 months and she seems to like me, but you know how it´s like... you never know what is going through her mind until you try... :) And some time later she told me... "omg, I literally just invited MYSELF to your place...". She laughed about it and seemed ashamed/shy. Sounded like it´s a big deal for her...

My question is... what do you girls think, is it more likely she considers me as a friend or crush?

We were going out a lot recently, every weekend walking, ice skating, dinner, we became fitness buddies. She also gives me compliments, asks me personal questions, she says she likes my company, I had nothing but positive signs.

But could this be a friendship from her side, I am friendzoned and she trusts me a lot. She also mentioned her ex boyfriend, but nothing important really, just that she broke one year ago and she didn't like him because he was not cleaning apartment and something. Its not like she is not over him or something.

Any help, girls/guys? I really need some advices how you see things.


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  • She might be starting to develop feelings for you... I wouldn't do that unless I was interested in a guy. I would just talk to her and be honest with your feelings. Best of luck.

  • That is weird, tell her you're busy.


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