Is it a date? Do I ask if he's still with her?

So.. he had a girlfriend. A few weeks after their first date he learned ahe was moving 4000 miles away for long term with no return plans.
She had less than 2 months left but they continued to date.
At a dinner party (while she was still here but knew she was leaving) he was flirty with me.
Then at another party the day before she left we spent the whole time talking. He flirted and i flirted back. He complimented me. I did to him (though not as much as him). He wanted to go on some adventures and teach each other our hobbies. There is a connection for sure.

Now she is gone. I asked him on adveture. He proposed a hike.
Is it a date? Do i ask if they are still together? My personal guess is they figured theyd spend the time together while she's here and then go separate ways. But i dont KNOW that. What do others think?


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What Guys Said 1

  • When you asked him, how did you word it? Did you have intentions of a date in mind?

    • I messaged him and asked if he wanted to go on an adventure. He proposed hiking. We both seem to be attracted to eachother. And its just us going. I hope its a date... i like him for sure :)

    • Just the two of you, sounds like a date! Could be a pre-date/hangout, which is also very good.

What Girls Said 2

  • Should ask him about his current relationship status before considering it as a date... just so that you won't regret going over the boundary of friendship :)

    • I guess ill have to find a good way to word it... i have no ideas byt maybe it will come up naturally...

  • Nope it isn't


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