Possessive behavior but pushing away... What's with mixed signals?

I dated a guy for 4 months, it was very intense, everything went quick, but of course it died quickly too. After reflecting I realize I put in a lot of effort and energy, gave it my all, he literally didn't do shit in return, except complain that he didn't feel like a priority (although there were weeks and days I'd call to see or hang with him and he would "not know when" or say "maybe" and it never happen), or there were 2 distinct times when he stood me up. He constantly asked for more effort out of me, and I gave it. At the end of it all he told me, he felt things were being forced and things I said to him previously like: he's insecure, immature, inconsiderate etc... he felt "hurt by" and he should go find someone like him... so he dumped me (though he didn't do shit not even a card for Christmas, he didn't take me on dates, nothing). We still remained in contact, 2 week later one night he calls me I didn't answer, I went to get something to eat. I return his call, he questions me about why I didn't answer his call and who I went to dinner with... he refused to accept the truth of I went by myself. He got upset and said "I see you for exactly who you are! I don't care no more." I was stunned and confused. The next day we met up, he was being an asshole, I literally had enough, and went off on him and left him alone. He told me not to call or text him etc. Ok. We stopped talking and its been about a month. I get a phone call last week from him... I didn't answer, and no voicemail was left. I called him back 3 days later, my call goes straight to VM... so I try once more the next day at a different time, same thing. This time though he called me back. Pleasant greetings, I said I was returning a call, he said "it must have been a pocket dial" (I don't believe it), I was like ok, then we hung up. So I take it be blocked me but why did he call? Is he testing to see if he can slowly pull me back in?


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  • Perhaps he wants your company but doesn't want to put in the effort himself... You should move on :)

  • he sounds confused


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