He asked me out... then straight after told me he's busy working that day? wtf?

The other day me and this guy were on a break at work together and he said he wanted to see this old romantic film at the local independent cinema...

He said he didn't feel comfortable going and being surrounded by loads of couples though... its part of their valentines season.

(Looking back that could have been a hint but i didn't get it!)

Instead I said that I had been interested in seeing an old sci-fi there but again, this show was a weird anti-Valentines showing... i said I'd feel awkward going alone.

So today at work this happened..

Him - "so when are we going to see *sci-fi movie*?"
me - "you wanna go with me? Let's go! When?"
him - "it's on this Sunday, but I think I'm working"

why did he research what time it was showing and ask me to go with him... to just end up being unable to go anyway

also I don't have this guys number and he doesn't have social media accounts so we only talk at work. It would have been a big deal for us to hang out outside of work.


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What Guys Said 1

  • This does not make sense. Either he wants to go out with you or does not... I mean maybe he is working. Suggest watching something at a different time?

    If he has an excuse for that than you know for sure. Otherwise he will make it work.

    • He IS working. For sure.

      It's weird that I mentioned watching that film about 5 days before and he went away... looked up the times/date it's showing... saw they were on a day he's working...

      And yet still asked "so when are WE going?"

      Maybe he was just testing to see if I'd hang out with him outside of work? Maybe he didn't think I'd actually say yes? Maybe he wanted to let me know that he wants to go with me... but can't...

      Looking back at our first conversation I think he was half asking me to go with him to see that old romantic film... cause he said that he didn't want to go alone... surrounded by loads of couples. I didn't offer to go with him because I was working that day.

What Girls Said 1

  • What the hell is wrong with him? -_-'


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