What is the easiest way to tell your parents you have a boyfriend?

This guy and I have been dating for 2 weeks and I still haven't told my family about him, but he told his family and they are perfectly fine with it; his aunt really really likes me, his grandma and uncle also like me. I really wanna tell my parents but I have been keeping this a secret because I don't know how they are going to react. They are the type of family who teases and embarrasses and once they know, they will tell everyone including my aunts, uncles, cousins, and literally everyone. We really want to hang out outside of school and I've kept on telling myself that I would tell them on Tuesday, Valentines Day. I don't know how they'll react because all of my older sisters boyfriends she had, she has kept a secret till someone found out. When she did tell our mom that he and this one boy got back together my mom didn't make a big deal out of it and they don't tease her at all; they only pick on me... What would be the easiest way to tell them? Because once I do tell them, I can imagine questions will start pouring in one after another and won't stop.


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  • "Mom, dad, this is my boyfriend ___"

    Parents expect their kids to date. Its not even worth trying to hide that you're dating someone. Even if they tease you, so what? That's what every parent does, its nothing out of the ordinary. Do you really want to keep something small a secret just because you're afraid your parents are going to be parents? Even if they go overboard with it there's this magical little phrase "please stop" that works wonders.

    Its going to be a lot worse if you don't tell them because they're only going to tease you more since you were to embarrassed to tell them. Even if they ask questions, that's just what parents do. They don't know him so how else are they going to get to know this perfect stranger their daughter brought home?

    • okay thank you.. and they do go overboard all the time; i ask them to stop but they won't

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  • Just tell them I personally think you have no business having a boyfriend I'm confused how you met his family and more than likely a year from now you may not be together but it's not cool to lie to the rents so tell them flat out and take what ever they say

    • okay well for one I didn't ask for your opinion on whether or not I should have a boyfriend; I asked ho should I tell my parents. Secondly, we FaceTime every night so his aunt, uncle, and grandma all got to say hi and meet me. Lastly, it may not last a year or it can last more than a year... I just don't wanna have to keep this from them. Before him I had another boyfriend. He's not serious with relationships and just throws girls around like confetti. I didn't bother telling my parents cause I knew how he was and it lasted like 1 week and 5 or 6 days. This is my first actual boyfriend where we care about each other and I don't want it to go all down the drain.. basically everyone knows in our grade which is nice

    • Yeah that's all cute and I'm sure you really believe that but the fact is if you have to plan on how to tell them you have no business having one so just tell them there's no easing into it most parents won't be cool with it so just rip the band-aid sassy pants all that sass but can't tell your parents you're fast

    • its not really planning, it's just the right timing because like everyday my mom and sister get into a fight and my dad has to yell so no ones happy.. I just need a day when everyone is happy, so I'm gonna tell my family on Tuesday

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  • Just let it be, natural is great because of the thrill of the unexpected.

  • i would let them find out on their own

    • well I don't know because if I ask to hang out with him...

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