Should I wait for this guy or is he not really serious?

This cute guy used to go to my highschool but he had to switch schools because his grades were terrible. I only talked to him a few times, just complimenting his hair but never really thinking into it. Well recently he texted me off of his friends phone and we just began texting awhile ago. His friends tell me he's loyal, doesn't have hoes, doesn't play girls, is very shy, and is incredibly picky with the girls he talks to. In fact they say he never really shows interest in a girl. We used to text everyday but I know he's really busy. He's tried to tell me and I don't really understand it. He calls me cute and told his friends he wants to see where things go with me, but he says he wants to wait to date until summer so that he can be there for me all the time. I know he's busy and has to get his grades up but i feel like he will lose interest. Now we don't really talk and I'm not sure what to do. Do I wait until summer and be there for him when he texts me? Or do I just let it go?
I forgot to mention that he has asked advice from my friends about me and also from a guy friend of his, who says that he should "go for me" which he said he is. I still think that if I'm not a priority it sucks, but I know if he doesn't get his grades up he can't move on in highschool. I don't want to seem clingy or annoying so I never text him first...
And just last week his friend texted me while they were hanging out, his friend wouldn't tell me why he texted me though. He has never ever texted me before and said He was "just making conversation".


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  • Well if he decided to put you and your friendship on hold till a time then it's up to you to decide if you want a guy like that who has to put you on hold and not make a effort at all from his side in the mean time. I personally think you shouldn't focus on him anymore and keep things chill when he does decide to reach out but don't go above and beyond for a guy who makes it clear he has other priorities over you. Everyone has a choice on their priorities.

    • Yeah I don't know if it's I'm not a priority or what not. I know he wants to be there for me but he's so busy that he wants to be there for me all the time which he can't right now, he can't always answer and can't always hang out. I knkw he's a good guy but it's understandable that school and keeping his grades up should come before a girl because I feel the same way. Should I tell him how I feel? Or wait it out?

    • Well if he already told you he can't commit to you right now then there's no point in really telling him anything.

    • Yes I suppose... Should I just wait until summer?

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