Friend or risk it?

So I have been at the stage of life where everything pretty much goes wrong. I have a lot to handle and be responsible for. Because of some personal situations, I don't have many friends or at least a close one to share my thoughts and... be comfortable around. I usually talked to a guy friend but he moved to a different state so we could not hang out anymore... Of course I have no girlfriend as of now... I got out of a 4-year relationship 2 years ago. I have been dating a few girls but ended up not working. I had a crush on someone nice but she didn't like me back. And now comes another crush. She's very special to me. I did ask her out but I don't think the attraction was quite there yet. We have been seeing each other once in a while (both are pretty busy with life), and I feel comfortable around her. After a few months I started to miss her a little. Now, it has been 2 months and I'm not sure if I should just let her know my feelings, though I think she probably can guess. She's at the moment worried about a lot of stuffs, school, work, family... I talked to her close friend and that close friend told me my crush was not ready to be in a relationship now. I sort of knew it already, and so it left me with a question. Should I just go ahead and confess my feelings, which I think may sabotage the friendship that we have had which I value a whole lot since I don't have many friends, not to mention close ones, or just keep things like this: seeing each other once in a while, taking her out to dinner, events, etc?


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  • I am sorry, but if you ask her out and she says "no" -which she probably will-, your friendship will probably change, maybe she will start avoiding you etc.

    • Oops I thought it was clear in the post. She said yes, and we had a nice dinner plus some fun rave at night with her friends. She replies to my texts pretty fast and whenever I ask her out she always agrees and we finalize a date for it right away. We're busy as mentioned so we have had only been out for 5 times now..

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