Am I wrong in my opinion?

I am 30 years old , an engineer and working in a combany , I have a big house and nice car but don't have a girlfriend!

I am short about 167 cm I think I am alone because of height.. am I wrong?


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  • Anything else? Related to your personality, I guess.
    Engineer- that means you are smart and that's great.
    Big house and nice car- your girlfriend doesn't cuddle, kiss, have fun and sleep with those two.
    Height- pretty short, yes, but there are short girls in this world so... this isn't a big problem.
    Think about something related to your behaviour that may be repulsive for girls. Don't get mad. I am trying to help.😊


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  • You live in a big house alone? Why.

    No. You're alone because you don't talk to enough girls.


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  • Yep, wrong. Being "short" is not the issue here as clearly it has not stopped you from being sucessful in other areas of your life. You need to talk to women and strike up conversation and share ideas and opinions. Show your humour, show yor intelligence, show your morals and values.

    Kevin Hart is either 5ft 2 or 5ft 4 depending on sources
    Martin Scoresese is 5ft 3
    Napoleon about 5ft 6

  • You've listed a resume and your assets but nothing about you. So you kick puppies in your free time? Beat old ladies? Steal candy from babies? Thats probably why no girlfriend

  • Height to many girls isn't a problem, maybe you should expand in your social media more , I don't know get tinder or something 😂💪🏻

    • so would date a guy like this height?

    • I mean honestly I personally like someone who's about my hieght or alittle taller just to make me alittle comfortable but he doesn't need to be 6'1 - 6'2 in order for me to like him.

    • Ok thank you but how tall are you?

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  • Make more money... And find a shorter girl