Are women worth the chase? Is the hassle worth dealing with?

I feel like most women nowadays won't meet a guy half way when it comes to initiating attraction. They would just sit back and watch the swarm of guys try to win them over. Something that seems like more of privilege for women. I guess it would be pretty amusing from a women's perspective, but for a guy? Not so much. I'm the kind of guy that refuse to chase a woman because I feel as if all relationships should be 50/50. I think if a girl's really interested she should at least meet me half way instead of playing mind tricks as if every other guy was born with telepathic abilities. Some women even demonstrate signs of disinterest just to play "hard to get". This makes impossible to know what's truly in a woman's mind.

Questions you may answer:
How are we supposed to know if she really means NO or just playing hard to get?
Do women enjoy watching guys fight over them?
Why do women play these games?
Are these women even worth chasing?
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  • Some women are, and some women aren't
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  • If you're always initiating conversations and dates, it's definitely not worth it. I don't like the whole chasing thing either and wish it was 50-50, but its not nowadays.. So many girls feel so entitled nowadays, it's annoying.

  • To me if social interaction is becoming a chase then im out. Its not supposed to be a chase.


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